The Feline Pet Therapy Team

We are a nonprofit, cage-less, all foster home cat sanctuary. We provide safe sanctuary, rehabilitation, medical care and socialization for special needs and senior cats to live out their natural lives. Select sanctuary cat teams provide purr therapy at area health and nursing care facilities, health rehabilitation and assisted living facilities using the cats in our sanctuary. We operate on Catholic Christian values.

This website is dedicated to the cat teams that provide purr therapy at area health and nursing care facilities, health rehabilitation and assisted living facilities. It takes a cat with the right temperament and personality to serve as an member of a cat purr therapy team. These are our current cat purr therapy team members.

Lilly – This young lady is an obvious Siamese mix. She has a sister below named Lulu. She is sweet in nature and extremely inquisitive which can get her into trouble often. She is the one that causes you to take that deep breath multiple times a day and repeat to yourself ” she is just being a curious feline”. It’s either that or pray for forgiveness for using colorful language all day. Even with all of her mischievousness we love her and the residents at the facilities we visit do too. She is better than TV to watch because you never know what she will do next. It’s definitely not going to be what you expect.
Leonardo (Leo)- The gentle giant. He is the Alpha of the colony with a laid back personality. When he enters a room everyone knows he is there. He actually walks like a lion with a lumbering stride and confident manner. Everyone loves this boy and he always returns the attention. He was a rescue from a horrible situation and he was so traumatized that the rescuers thought they were going to have to release him to a feral colony. No one could touch him but Maureen from the Catnip Cottage noticed the fear in his yes and said I’ll take him. Her loved her from that moment on.
Lulu – Lilly’s sister. She is the sweet heart of Sweet Hearts. As a kitten her tail was cut off (we have no idea how it happened, she was fine at dinner time playing with her sisters and then at bedtime an accident had occurred but she was still playing as if nothing had happened). We took her to Sangaree Animal Hospital the next morning were an amputation had to be performed to enclose the spinal cord. She now has a stump (I call it a joy stick) and she could care less. The incident left her with a tilted head which is so cute and fits perfectly with her personality.
Ethel – The Mom of the colony. Every cat loves her and she loves them in return. She was rescued in the middle of a really bad storm and had three babies with her. She was adopted out once but returned herself to us. She has a hematoma in one ear from being a stray with an ear infection without treatment. It gives her a very unique and cute look. The residents at the facilities we visit love her because she will sit with them during the entire visit and enjoy every stroke they give her.
Ollie – His mother was at a shelter in Georgia with a litter of Kittens. The Catnip Cottage was notified that Ollie’s mom and her kittens were scheduled to be euthanized. A Catnip Cottage volunteer drove to Georgia and rescued the mother and kittens and brought them to Summerville, SC. Since the mother was still nursing the kittens, she could not be spayed and they discovered that she was pregnant before she was rescued. The second litter included Ollie. A lady adopted Ollie as a therapy cat and kept him for 10 years. She becameĀ  very incapacitated and her friend took Ollie but could not keep him. We were contacted and we drove to Raleigh, NC to pick him up and bring him back to his furr-ever home. Ollie is a sweet boy and enjoys the residents at the facilities because he loves the attention that a ginger cat gets.